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A nine year old believes that he can see and hear from Christ.

An obsessive man casts a spell to make a woman fall in love with him. The spell works, but issues arise when she is unable to forget her true love.

A whirlwind romance for a young couple leads to engagement but there’s trouble when the mother-in-law-to-be starts meddling in their relationship.

This is a video that can change your life. Normal simple, easy-going exercises that will help you lose weight, gain confidence, and improve your health. These exercises can be done at home.

When the matriarch of a family becomes dangerously addicted to prescription drugs, her loved ones stage a Hail Mary intervention to save her life.

Based on a true story. After being locked away for nearly a decade, a man is not happy when he finds out that his ex and children have moved on. He decides that he will get his family back whether they want him or not.

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A young man dreams of becoming a rap star. His struggle leads him to homelessness. Will he give up his life long dream?

Danny is accused of his wife's murder.  He is shocked when he finds out that his wife had many secrets.

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The true story of an unsung 

Brooklyn hero - Rev. George H. Murray of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church


Coming Soon

A mother and daughter feels safe in their new home until they get an unexpected visitor.
See Brooklyn Gangster. He wanted everything and it cost him everything.

Stephanie is determined to make rapists and murderers pay.


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Also coming soon -  Lake of Shadows, The Eric Garner Story, Across Two Continents


Welcome to Caglevision: Celebrating Diversity through Film

At Caglevision, we don't just make movies; we tell stories that resonate with the vibrant tapestry of our diverse communities. Since our inception in 2004, we've dedicated ourselves to producing films that embrace inclusivity, authenticity, and creativity. Our commitment to showcasing minorities in all roles and portraying their narratives in a positive light sets us apart in the world of independent motion picture production.


Our journey began with the release of "Goodnite Charlie," a martial arts action film available on Amazon Prime. With Soke Nasir Rasul's dojo contributing to the electrifying action sequences, our inaugural movie embodied our passion for delivering dynamic, action-packed experiences to our audience.  

Guided by the vision of Kenya Cagle, Caglevision has evolved into a powerhouse of cinematic innovation. We've produced over 30 feature films and collaborated with hundreds of talented thespians, crafting stories that reflect the rich tapestry of our diverse communities. Our films are more than entertainment; they're a celebration of culture, identity, and the human experience.

Diversity isn't just a theme; it's our foundation. We're driven to amplify voices that often go unheard, to break stereotypes, and to shine a spotlight on stories that deserve to be told. With each project, we strive to foster positivity and illuminate the incredible potential within minority communities.

Looking forward, our goal is ambitious yet resolute – to create four feature films annually that inspire, entertain, and ignite conversations. But our commitment doesn't stop at the silver screen. We're also dedicated to nurturing the next generation of filmmakers. Our comprehensive training program takes budding filmmakers through the intricacies of film production, emphasizing the business aspects that drive success.

Our recent program engaged 125 students per day, two days a week. The culmination was an exhilarating world premiere event, where the talents of these future filmmakers took center stage. This is the essence of Caglevision – a platform that not only produces exceptional films but also empowers aspiring filmmakers to excel in the industry.

So, whether you're here to enjoy our films or embark on your filmmaking journey, welcome to Caglevision. Join us in celebrating the beauty of diversity, the power of storytelling, and the magic that happens when creativity knows no boundaries.

Your journey through our world of cinema starts now.



Kenya Cagle 646 600-5360






New York City, New York December 3, 2022 - New York film producer Kenya Cagle is ecstatic because his newest film Sin Apple ( ) is available on Tubi and other streaming services. Sin Apple is a horror film about a young man who was so obsessed with a woman that he decided to put her under a love curse. The spell works but problems arise when he realizes that even though she loves him, she is still in love with the man he stole her from. It turns into a struggle between forced and free love. It has a lot of action, suspense, and surprises. Sin Apple stars New York multi-award-winning actor Christopher Clayton. Mr. Clayton can be seen in the movie My King ( ) also shown on Tubi. He plays opposite the beautiful newcomer and award winning actress Naza M. Cox. Other cast members include Tyquanda Johnson, Melessa Avery, Ronald Haynie, Monet Cherise, Ivan Rawls, Lulu Lopez, and Michael Rothberger. 


Casting for the film was tough. The casting was private and only a certain group of actors with whom Kenya had worked or was familiar with their work were invited to audition. Most of them were so good that Kenya had trouble trying to decided who would return for call backs. He relied on the opinions of his team to assist in sorting through the excellent performers. In the end, he was able to get the best independent talent available. Make up was done by Janette Waters. Once actors auditioned with Kenya, he always made sure that they had more opportunities to perform. Actors who were not chosen for the film were encouraged to perform in other productions. Kenya, who is an ordained minister, works with Michele Hawkins Jones and Bishop Johnny Ray Youngblood at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church in Brooklyn and Queens. Mt. Pisgah has an aggressive drama department called Incarn where Kenya and Michele produce weekly zoom performances as well as live stage productions. 


The name Incarn is short for Incarnation or the word made flesh. Incarn produces several live theatrical performances per year including Emancipation, the story of the first watch night, MAAFA, the story of the black holocaust or the transatlantic slave trade, Resurrection, the story of Jesus and Honorable Distinction, a play about the civil war.

Once the pandemic hit and the theatrical department was shut down, Incarn ministries decided to keep the plays going on zoom as a way to keep the members in touch. In March 2018, Incarn began having weekly productions. It started out twice a week as karaoke, poems, trivia game and evolved into weekly high quality zoom productions.

These performances are plays, not readings. The actors rehearse, learn their lines, direction and perform in front of a live audience. On average each week the audience size is 100 to 500 people. Kenya has also produced two movies with Incarn and has a third film The Boy Who Saw Christ ( ) coming out in a few weeks.


This is Kenya's first stab at the horror genre. As an independent filmmaker, Kenya has produced in many other film genres. The genres include romance (My King), musical comedy (Rich From Within ( )) written by his high school buddy Mack Williams), drama (Killing Joanne ( )) co-written with Nixon Ceasar about the dangers of opioid use), and a 45 minute exercise program (Ordinary Exercise For Extraordinary Results ( )). These projects are airing in 60 different countries. Several of them are world wide award winning films. Killing Joanne has three awards world wide. My King went on to win over 70 awards in various festivals around the world. Sin Apple is currently competing in festivals. It has won over twenty awards including best screenplay and best director. 


Like most men, one of Kenya’s favorite genres is action. He loves to make action films. His first film, Goodnight Charlie ( ), was an action film that is still available on Amazon Prime. Kenya has never really loved romance films. But his most successful film to date is the movie My King co written by Karen Rock. He has nearly thirty other feature films but none are horror films. Kenya states that he has always wanted to enter into the horror genre because he believed it would be a challenge. He also believes horror is fun. One director that Kenya enjoyed was Alfred Hitchcock. He credits Hitchcock movies for his interest in horror. "I remember sitting with my parents watching the black and white version of The Birds. I also remember watching Psycho. I was impressed how the film made them react in many ways”. Kenya loves the genre so much that his next film will be horror. He is in preproduction for the feature movie 13 Months, a film about a family being stalked by a relative they left locked away in an institution. 



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