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Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been interested in moving pictures. I wanted to capture these special moments in life and make them last forever. Growing up, I realized I have a unique technical skillset and found a job in video production.

After working for some of the industry’s finest agencies, I decided to start my own business. It gives me a unique opportunity to choose my projects, manage my time and work with the best in the business. Check out my showreel to learn more, and get in touch today.




You’ve got a video? Great – but so has everyone else (and everyone else’s mother).

And yes, most video is pretty bad. But that's the problem. The sheer level of noise made by bad video makes it almost impossible for your video to get the attention it deserves. There's really only 2 options. Go BIG, or go HOME. Let’s be honest… that’s not a hard choice.

We create great animated logos for your business. This logos will be professionally produced and delivered to you. Logo Animations go for $49.99 & up.

EXPLAINER VIDEOS, PROMOS, ADS -  Professional Videos  shot for your company to explain your product.  Videos can be live, animated or have a combination of both. Videos start at $99.99 and up.

VIDEO SHOOTS - Our professional team will shoot your event. Birthday parties, weddings, graduations, anniversaries. $499.99 up

MUSIC VIDEOS - We will shoot and edit your music video in HD and/or 4k. $9,999 and up.

SHORT FILMS -  Have a short film or idea? CagleVision will shoot it for you. We will supply the crew and cast. We will also edit your film and make it festival ready.  1 - 45 minutes  $999 and up.

FEATURE FILM - We will shoot your movie from start to finish or anywhere in between.  We do preproduction, production and post production work for you.  Several of our clients have films that have won awards at the various film festivals. Contact us for pricing.

A visual scene from My King, a CagleVision film.



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